RCREEE member states: From the first movers for the NAMAs

In the framework of the MoU signed on March 2011, aiming to improve the conditions needed to facilitate the implementation of project activities under the CDM, especially the Programmatic Activities (PoA) and NAMAs in the MENA region, RCREEE organized jointly with CDM-JI Initiative two events in Cairo.
On 16 November, a training course with a purpose of building capacities and raising awareness among RCREEE member states on the opportunities of carbon finance beyond 2012 to enhance investments in RE and EE.
On 17 November, a workshop to present the outcomes of an analytical study performed by RCREEE and CDM-JI Initiative and achieved on October 2011.
The objectives of the study are to speed up the registration of the mature projects with the high potential of GHG mitigation before the end up of Kyoto protocol period and to enhance the capacities of the RCREEE countries on the new mitigation supporting mechanisms, by developing first NAMAs portfolio and formulating pilot NAMAs.
The events were attended by participants from RCREEE member states, and representatives from the League of Arab States and MED-ENEC project.
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