Regional Workshop on “New Perspectives for Carbon Finance in RCREEE member states”

Marginal to the Board of Trustees meeting held on 27th of April 2011 in Tunis, RCREEE organized jointly with CDM-JI Initiative, a regional workshop on 29th of April 2011 dealing on new perspectives for carbon finance in RCREEE member states.
The workshop was attended by around 30 participants representing RCREEE BoT, the Designated National Authorities in RCREEE member states, the League of Arab States, the CDM-JI Initiatives and the National Agency for Energy Conservation in Tunisia.
The speakers were the experts from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, as well as from Europe, particularly from German Development Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH and perspectives Climate Change Company.
The objectives of the workshop were:
  • Raising awareness among RCREEE members on the opportunities of carbon finance to enhance investments in RE and EE and to register some CDM projects before the end up of Kyoto Protocol in 2012.
  • Establishing contacts between the different partners that could be involved in the RCREEE/ CDM-JI Initiative’s activities.
  • Discussing objectives and expectations of a study to be realized  in MENA region regarding the existing opportunities and perspectives for carbon finance in RCREEE member states beyond 2012.