What is SHAMCI?

The Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI) is quality certification scheme for the solar thermal products and services in the Arab region. The project provides a regional industrial and regulatory compliance framework for policy makers, industrial sector, and end-consumers. The project promotes adopting standard quality measures, accreditation systems and quality labels across the Arab region.

SHAMCI is the first Arab certification scheme for solar thermal products. It is built around specific characteristics and needs of Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa. SHAMCI is inspired by Solar Keymark, the European certification scheme.

SHAMCI is was initiated by RCREEE with the support of the Arabian Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) based on the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity (AMEC) of the League of Arab States request. AMCE blessed the establishment of the network and initially accepted SHAMCI certification rules. Three Arab countries (Jordan, Tunisia, and Egypt) have shown interests to implement it on a national level.