Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean – Stakeholder Workshop

RCREEE successfully organized the “Stakeholder Workshop of the Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean”. The event was held in Cairo on November 1st 2011. This event took place within the project “Solar Atlas for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean” funded by the German International Climate Initiative and including many partners from international research institutes and organizations led by German Aerospace Center. The project focuses on developing a web-portal which serves the needs for high quality information on the available solar resource for the successful development of solar energy policies and investments.

The event was attended by experts from: Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Representatives of the OME, EC delegation in Cairo and project experts from the German Aerospace Center, GeoModel Solar as well as TRANSVALOR participated in the event.

The project experts provided an introduction to the Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean and a presentation of the prototype. Further, detailed information was presented on how to assess the solar potentials with geographical information systems and the assesing of solar radiation data for large scale solar energy projects in addition to the use of reference meteorological years for system design.

The workshop was culminated by a deep discussion on the needs for a solar atlas and suggestions for improvements. All participants were invited to look at the evolving prototype at and give the project team their feedback using a user questionnaire on the website in English and translated to Arabic by RCREEE.

Documents & Presentations: