Arab Renewable Energy Framework (AREF) and National Renewable Energy Action Plans Template

Arab states have realized the importance of planning solid long-term targets for renewable energy deployment. The League of Arab States (LAS) has issued the Arab Renewable Energy Strategy 2030 as a policy support to target planning. To assist the realization of this strategy, RCREEE and German Development Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH support the Energy Department at LAS in the development of the Arab Renewable Energy Framework (AREF). AREF provides guidance to member states with developing their short to medium term National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) according to a template prepared for this purpose.  

AREF works as the foundation for both national and regional activities of renewable energy. AREF and NREAP template work as a regional framework for countries to develop their NREAPs, which in turn is the baseline for annual progress reports.

RCREEE developed the NREAP template and is also responsible for monitoring NREAPs progress and template adoption, as well as for disseminating periodic reports to LAS. RCREEE helps Arab states in the adoption process by conducting regional and local workshops and providing technical assistance. The template is approved by the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity (AMCE) and circulated among Arab states for adoption.


  • NREAP template
  • Inputs to AREF
  • Adoption and consultation workshops
  • Technical assistance to RCREEE member states in implementation


  • Facilitate convergence in RE planning across the Arab region
  • Assistance to achieve short and medium term renewable energy objectives
  • Enhance climate for investments and coordination on national and regional levels
  • Enable effective monitoring and evaluation tools for action plans progress

About the Arab Renewable Energy Framework (AREF)

Based on the approved Arab Renewable Energy Applications Development Strategy adopted by the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Riyadh in January 2013, the Arab Renewable Energy Framework document is prepared to introduce a Pan-Arab collaborative framework that enhances energy production from renewable sources. AREF contains guiding recommendations to achieve national renewable energy targets determined by member states of the Arab League. These targets include renewable energy share in total electricity production mix. AREF also sets rules for reporting, knowledge exchange, and joint-project suggestions in collaboration with other countries or bodies. The AREF initiative develops a consolidated annual report of achievements and progress by Arab states in this field.

About National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP)

The National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) is a tool for national renewable energy planning in the Arab region. The purpose of the NREAP template is to ensure that the renewable energy action plan developed by any country covers all essential elements for the successful implementation of the plan, and is consistent with future periodical reports issued by Arab countries that use the template.

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