Apply now to the first Pilot of “Certified Energy Management Professional” in Egypt


Under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) in cooperation with League of Arab States are proud to launch the first Pan-Arab certification for energy professionals “Certified Energy Management Professional” (CEMP) program. CEMP first pilot in Egypt is co-financed by GIZ programme “Promoting employment through renewable energy and energy efficiency in the MENA region (RE-ACTIVATE)”.

CEMP is an in-depth professional certification program for Energy Mangers tailored for the Arab region. CEMP program is endorsed by the Executive Bureau of the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity endorsed during their 32th session on May 31, 2016.

We welcome all eligible Egypitan applicants to apply and attend the first CEMP pilot in Egypt. Early birds registration discount is applied.

  1. Objectives

The programs comes in accordance with the New Electricity Law 87 for the year 2015 which requests large users above 500 kW of connecting capacity to assign Energy professional for EE with reporting responsibilities.

CEMP Program equips you and your staff with the latest technologies, energy essentials and the and the effective means with solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost effective approach .The calculation modules and concepts have been carefully adapted to the needs of the Arab Market to ensure the maximum energy and cost savings.

  1. Program & Content

The program consist of 02 parts:

  • 05 day preparatory training courses
  • 03 hour written exam

The technical content of the "Certified Energy Management Professionals" is developed by Econoler Inc. The content (manual and sessions) covers the below areas:


This section tackles all matters related to electrical systems in terms of production, distribution and consumption within all kinds of facilities. 


The CEMP reviews the engineering principles, application and energy conservation measures of the different thermal systems in industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Energy Management

CEMP focuses on developing a supporting management structure to enable deep efficiency improvement within the different industrial and building facility as well as some guidance will be provided on establishing an energy management system (EnMS) according to the requirement of ISO 500001.  


CEMP is distinguished by including national situation updates, where applicants are required to prove knowledge of his country energy status.


Training course materials will be presented in English.

3. Logistic Details

  3.1 Organizers:

  • Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy
  • League of Arab States
  • Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)
  • GIZ programme “Promoting employment through renewable energy and energy efficiency in the MENA region (RE-ACTIVATE)

  3.2 Date and location:

  • Duration: 05 day intensive training course followed by 03 hour written exam
  • Date: 10-14 September 2017
  • Venue:  Cairo-Egypt

  3.3 Agenda

CEMP first pilot in Egypt Agenda can be viewed online here or downloaded here

 3.4 Applicant Eligibility:

  • Years of Experience: Varies according to applicant background as follows;

Applicants holding a Bachelor of engineering:

03 year experience in energy engineering/management

Applicants holding a non-engineering Bachelor :

05 year experience in energy engineering/management

Applicants holding a Technical Degree:

08 year experience in energy engineering/management

  • Applicants must be working full time in a governmental, commercial or industrial facility responsible for energy, operation, production or maintenance OR Energy Service Provider, Energy Management consultant or Auditor.

  3.4 CEMP Fees:

First pilot participants will benefit of a special discounted fees, total of 3000 EGP.
3.5 Application Process

The form is avaliable and can be filled as follows:

  • Download the application form
  • Fill it and send it to [email protected] 
  • Subject line: Application for Certified of Energy Management Professional
  • Verification Documents (e.g. Educational degree, HR letter or employment certificates and CV) are to be submitted covering the required years of experience

4. Contact persons

More details on the program is avaliable on our website:

Please direct all communications concerning the training course to:

Ms. Yasmeen Oraby
RCREEE Senior Operations Specialist 
email: [email protected]
Tel: +202 241 54755