CMVP® Training and Certification Program

RCREEE and PECO Energy are pleased to announce the organization of the first of CMVP® on 1-3 June 2020 in Cairo, Egypt.

The Certified Measurement and Verification Professional® (CMVP®) is a joint program of the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) with the dual purpose of recognizing the most qualified professionals in this growing area of the energy industry, and raising the overall professional standards within the measurement and verification field.

Accordingly, RCREEE invites qualified experts in the Arab region to apply for the 3 day training and examination of CMVP® through the following application form:

Upon meeting required qualifications, attending the EVO training course and passing the written exam, participants will be granted the CMVP title and will be registered in AEE Certified Professionals Directory and EVO as Certified Measurement and Verification Professional® (CMVP®).  

In addition to the knowledge gained from the training Course, attendees will receive the following benefits:

  • Printed copy of the Training Course materials
  • Electronic copies of the IPMVP  can be downloaded from the EVO website (
  • EVO and RCREEE Certificate of Attendance per request
  • Access to the Subscriber Section of the EVO website for one year free

Eligibility criteria varies as follows:

CMVP eligibility

CMVP-IT (in training)

Applicants with four-year degree

The degree ought to be from an accredited university or college in science, engineering, architecture, business, law, finance, or a related field, or be a registered professional engineer (P.E.), or registered architect (R.A.).


In addition, the applicant must have at least three years experience in energy or building or facility management, or measurement and verification. 


Applicants with two-year technical degree, or four-year non-technical degree:


The degree must be from an accredited college or university in a field not specified above with five years experience in energy or building or facility management, measurement verification. 


Applicants with 10 years of experience

Ten years or more verified experience in energy or building or facility management, or measurement and verification. 

Individuals that undertake the training, successfully complete the exam, but do not meet the CMVP experience requirements are eligible for the CMVP-IT (in training) designation. CMVP-ITs will have six years to fulfill the experience requirements for the full CMVP designation.


CMVP-ITs can apply to obtain the CMVP designation during that period by submitting a completed CMVP application form showing that they now meet the CMVP eligibility criteria. 

Application Process:

  1. Filling & Submitting application form:
  2. Receiving application acceptance from RCREEE team
  3. Paying fees

For applying and more details, please contact us

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +2 02 2415 4755 (Ext: 113 or 206)