Designing, planning and conducting an operational phase bird and bat fatality monitoring program (FMP) in the Gulf of Suez (GoS), Egypt


The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) is an intergovernmental organization with diplomatic status that was set up based on Cairo Declaration that was signed in June, 2008 by government representatives from Arab countries.


Bird fatality monitoring programs at wind energy projects should be iterative and be enhanced as understanding of collision risk develops through the operational phase of projects. Intensive fatality monitoring programs aligned with GIIP and implemented at RGWE and KfW WPPs (e.g. Al-Hasani 2017; Al-Hasani 2018; Al-Hasani & El Gebaly 2018; Shohdi 2019) have provided robust and valuable information on the likely suite of species at risk from turbine collision at wind power projects in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. These studies have demonstrated that MSBs are the principal fatality risk and smaller species, specifically bats only occur as fatalities extremely rarely.

Building on these findings and the conservation imperative to understand fatality rates of MSBs at WPPs along the Gulf of Suez, RCREEE under Active Turbine Management Program (ATMP), invites eligible service providers/ consultants to submit a proposal for designing, planning and conducting an operational phase bird and bat fatality monitoring program (FMP) for Ras Ghareb Wind Energy (RGWE) and associated power lines during spring and autumn bird migration season 2021 in the Gulf of Suez (GoS), Egypt.

To mitigate environmental and biodiversity risks while harnessing the benefits of wind energy potential in Egypt, RCREEE initiated the ATMP in 2015 to determine the optimum wind turbines operations periods during the heavy bird migratory seasons. The project is launched in Egypt as the Gulf of Suez falls into one of the heaviest bird migration routes of autumn and spring seasons (Rift Valley / Red Sea flyway ). The program is divided into 3 main sub-programs; the Bird Monitoring Program, the Shutdown on Demand Program and the Fatality Monitoring Program that are pertinent for all Wind Power Plant Private Investments in the Gulf of Suez region.
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  • Proposals may be submitted on or before  January 12, 2021 via email, courier mail to the address below:

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  • Proposals must be expressed in the English Language, and valid for a minimum period of 90 days.

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