Foreign Policy Magazine Interviews Amer Barghouth, a RCREEE Expert

The Foreign Policy magazine has conducted a comprehensive interview with Mr. Amer Barghouth, Private Investments Project Manager at the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEEE), as one of the leading global professionals in the field of renewable energy and a role model in flexible and forward thinking global professionals. 

The Interview included how Mr. Barghouth joined RCREEE, and the added value that RCREEE contributes to the MENA  region and its member states in the deployment of sustainable energy.

Amer Barghouth is a Jordanian, renewable energy professional with over seven years of experience in research and analysis. His research has focused on modeling the financial impact of various fiscal and financial incentives on the feasibility of renewable energy projects. 

The Foreign Policy magazine is considered as one of leading international media outlets in the United States and is highly circulated in the whole world.

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