Iraq is one of the world’s most important oil producers and has among the largest proven petroleum reserves. Over the past years, Iraq’s energy sector has suffered due to the war and energy demand is now outpacing capacity expansion. The country’s total primary energy consumption is for 90% based on petroleum, and the rest is supplied by natural gas.

Iraq suffers from serious power shortages due to insufficient generating capacity and increasing energy demand. The government plans to increase the generation expansion with natural gas and renewable energy facilities. By 2016, Iraq aims to have 2% of electricity generation come from renewable energy (excluding hydro), and this is meant to increase to 10% by 2020. Currently, there are no concrete plans for energy efficiency.

Iraq is a RCREEE member state since 2008. 

Iraq Country Profile:

Iraq energy efficiency profile provides a brief analysis of Iraqi energy efficiency targets, regulations and measures.


Energy Efficiency Profile