Local Renewables Conference 2014 Freiburg and Lörrach - Germany

The ongoing economic crisis, growing energy instability and resource scarcity call for a shift to sustainable economies. The 6th Local Renewables Conference puts particular emphasis on the key role of the local level and the importance of renewable energy and improvement of energy efficiency in this shift.

Cities are increasingly exploring ways to best use the available resources within their regions, moving beyond consumption to replenishment and even production of energy resources. Yet, questions remain on how to steer and facilitate this transition. How can local governments embrace clean energy and tackle the challenge of making their cities ‘renewable’? How can integrated approaches help to more efficiently exploit available energy options? Which tools are available to support planning and financing of local community action? What is the potential for local job creation and regional added value?

This conference will bring together policy-makers and strategists from various levels of government, as well as experts from energy utilities, business and research, to:

  • Discuss how cities and regions can optimise collaboration with local stakeholders such as business, civil society and academia;
  • Evaluate the potential of technological innovations and integration including (solar) cooling, waste-to-energy, and water-food-energy nexus;
  • Analyse the cost-benefits and financing options (public and private sources) for local action, and ways of developing meaningful financial partnerships 

    More Information about the conference and registration please visit www.local-renewables-conference.org