RCREEE reflects the regional prospects in 10th World Wind Energy Conference 2011 Greening Energy: Converting Deserts into Powerhouses

RCREEE participated in the 10th World Wind Energy Conference 2011, organized in Cairo during 31 October – 2 November 2011 by the World Wind Energy Association, the Egyptian Wind Energy Association and the German-Arabic Chamber of Commerce. More than 500 participants attended this conference. The conference covered all aspects of wind utilization, related policies, manufacturing, development, operation as well as economic and social issues, with a special focus on how to convert with renewable energy deserts into powerhouses. Especially against the background of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan, the Conference called for an immediate switch away from high-risk nuclear and fossil energy technologies to renewable energies.
In the session focusing on the MENA region, RCREEE expert Maged Mahmoud presented a paper titled “Wind Energy in the Arabian Region: Bright Prospects for Green Growth” outlining that Arabian region countries possess significant potentials of world-class wind resources in many locations and demonstrating that wind energy is positioned towards becoming one of the mainstream energy resources. Further, he highlighted the plans already announced by many countries in the region and concludes that large wind farms capacities would exceed in total 18GW by 2020, with a possibility to further increase, provided that appropriate transparent and long term policy frameworks are enabled.
In its resolution, the conference applauded the scientifically substantiated statements made that a 100 % renewable energy supply can be reached worldwide by the year 2030, implemented through comprehensive strategies and policies. The Egyptian firm “Sewedy Wind Energy Group” was awarded with the World Wind Energy Award 2011 for the company’s leading role in establishing the first major wind turbine manufacturer in the region.