Renewable innovations towards sustainable energy at MENAREC 06

In its sixth edition, The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) continues to support the Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENAREC-6) on 4 – 6 April in Kuwait City.  “The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in collaboration with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) of Germany hosted this year conference under the theme” Renewable Innovations towards Sustainable Energy”.

MENAREC-6 offered a number of sessions, discussion panels, and industry exhibitions. The event attracted attendees from private sectors, governments, international organizations and regional organizations.

RCREEE delegation participated in a number of sessions during the conference. Firstly RCREEE executive director, Ahmed Badr and RCREEE planning director Mr. Ziad Jaber were invited to “Impact of renewable energy projects on socio-economic activates and the environment in the MENA Region” session. In addition, Ahmed Badr moderated two sessions on the “Opportunities and challenges of renewable energy investment and finance” and “DSM Strategies & Policy Measures”.

Moreover, RCREEE technical director, Dr. Maged Mahmoud was one of the panelists in a session on the role of global collaboration and knowledge exchange in the transition of sustainable energy.

Finally, Ms. Rim Boukhchina, RCREEE renewable energy expert was a panelist in two sessions on the “Electricity grid distributed generation & integration systems” and “the role of organizations in promoting energy transition & social impacts”.

Participants of the event thanked the Government of Kuwait, IRENA, the League of Arab States, UNESCWA, RCREEE, the Government of Germany and other key partners for their support in organizing the conference. 

View the Kuwait Declaration and conference outcome the 6th Middle East & North Africa Renewable Energy Conference 


The Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENAREC) began in 2004 as part of a strategic shift towards sustainable energy development in the region. It aims to highlight renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies, policy and legislation initiatives from the perspective of MENA challenges and opportunities.

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