Research and Analysis

Tangible facts and scientific approaches are the right starting point to determine the region’s past, present, and future status in renewable energy and energy efficiency fields. RCREEE provides the most accurate and transparent renewable energy and energy efficiency information for the Arab region through consistent methodologies and strong partnerships with local governments and regional and international institutions. Our methodology identifies the first pan-Arab green energy baseline for RCREEE member states and forecasts potential energy saving opportunities and technologies to be deployed. The information is published for free through comprehensive printed and digital index reports, specific country profiles, performance indicators on national and regional levels, and case studies.

Our research and analysis activities in local and regional renewable energy and energy efficiency fields include:

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Reports, indexes, and performance indicators

  • Maintaining a regional database

  • Monitoring and assessment

  • Specific studies

  • Publishing and dissemination

  • Research and development grants