“Financing Tools and Capacity Needs Assessment in the Industrial Sector” Workshop

24 February 2020, Cairo- Egypt: Over the past decade, studies have confirmed the Arab countries strong commitment towards renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Investments schemes also demonstrates confidence in the region’s vast renewable energy and energy efficiency potential and environment.

To be able to move steadily with the region’s promising plans, RCREEE is paying a special attention to building the capacities of the region’s experts as the core pillar for creating a positive.

Today in Cairo, RCREEE organized a workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects: Financing Tools and Capacity Needs Assessment in the Industrial Sector.

This workshop gathered around 60 participants representing the public and private industrial groups, governmental institutions, energy services providers, manufacturers and companies. Designed in work groups, the workshop aimed to display currently available training programs available in Egypt and the Arab region and to raise the awareness on the issues and challenges facing energy performance of the local industrial facilities and means to overcome them and improve their competitiveness.

During the workshop, three working groups were formed to assess the energy capacity needs in the industrial sector, and discuss how to link between the qualified workforces and the available job opportunities in the industrial sector in Egypt, under two main axes:

  • The energy capacity building programs impacts on financial savings in industrial sector
  • The future energy professional: skills needed beyond engineering to be successful