"Environmental Compliance of Renewable Energy Projects during COVID 19: ATMP Project in Egypt" webinar

Since its launch in 2015, Active Turbine Management Program (ATMP) has played a critical role in preserving and upscaling environmental considerations in Wind Farms in Gulf of Suez Area in Egypt.

Today as ATMP manages more than 1500 MW cumulative capacity of wind power plants in Gulf of Suez, Egypt, RCREEE is hosting the first webinar presenting the developments of the program since its launch.  The webinar will be taking place on September 15th, 2020 from 16:00 till 18:00, Cairo Local Time (Check your local time).

We have the honor of welcoming a diversified mix of speakers including:

  • Eman Rashad, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC)
  • Osama El-Gebaly, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
  • Moustafa Abdelhadi, Ras Ghareb Wind Energy S.A.E (RGWE)
  • Jennifer Boca and Mamdouh Higazy, Lekela Power
  • Ehsan ElHady, Green Plus Environmental Solutions
  • James Lea-Cox, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Ehab Ismail, New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)
  • Ashraf Kraidy, RCREEE
  • Ali Khazma, RCREEE
  • Osama Alnouri, Birdlife
  • Ahmed Khalil, RCREEE

Through interactive discussions, our distinguished speakers will cover a number of topics including:

  • The challenges and achievements ATMP faced during COVID-19
  • How ATMP set a model for successful communication and management among stakeholders, partners and consultants during the pandemic?
  • The impact of the pandemic on the energy demand
  • Complications, challenges and achievements faced with pre & post construction projects in the Gulf of Suez during the pandemic
  • Investments and financial schemes amid the spread of COVID19
  • Operational and maintenance measures implemented on site

Registration is open through this link (https://rcreee.org/content/webinar-registration). The webinar is targeting representatives and experts from all backgrounds (academia, environmental experts, RE & EE Engineers, investors, etc.). We will be counting on participants active engagement to raise the awareness about the importance of environmental considerations for renewable energy projects in the region.

Note: The webinar will be held in English &Arabic (translation is not available)