HLPD to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean region

The High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) is a Sustainable Energy platform that brings together high-level representatives from international financing institutions, banks, private sector, international and regional organizations and governments. The dialogue sheds the light on the need of regional cooperation between the above-mentioned stakeholders in the North Africa and the Middle East countries, in order to further facilitate sustainable investments in the Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) sectors in the region.

The first working session will be held in Barcelona, Spain on January 30,2019.

The HLPD discusses the investment and financial tools in the fields of RE & EE that would foster climate change mitigation, while taking into account the countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions, and benefiting from EU's experience in these policy domains. Focus will be given to identifying new operational business models that could stimulate investments in these sectors.The outcomes of the dialogue will be helping in better formulating a mid to long-term cooperation between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The event is organized under EU funded project meetMED activities.