RCREEE & UNDP-Syria collaborate organizing a tailored training course on "Energy Efficiency in Buildings”

November 29, 2020:  Under the framework of RCREEE and UNDP Syria “Training for all" long term capacity building program, RCREEE organized a 4-day training program on “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” for Syrian female professionals in Cairo, Egypt.

The training course was designed for Syrian experts from the Ministry of Electricity and the National Energy research center (NERC) to empower women in the energy sector. The course covered a wide range of topics in energy efficiency fields including building codes, case studies, best practices and recommendations to provide a better understanding of EE projects as well as the key elements to promote the deployment of efficient energy in Syria. 

During his opening statement, RCREEE Acting Director, Dr. Maged K. Mahmoud welcomed all the attendees and empathized upon the importance of female inclusion in sustainable energy domains in the Arab's region.

Since the launch of RCREEE and UNDP-Syria cooperation in 2019, RCREEE has successfully organized more than 6 training courses covering a wide range of topics including energy management, solar applications, feasibility studies, etc. RCREEE and UNDP-Syria cooperation comes as part of the second phase of “Training for All” program launched by UNDP Syria in 2017.

At the end of the training course, RCREEE Executive Committee Chairlady, Eng. Maha Moustafa distributed the attendance certificates and thanked the participants for their attention.

About “Training for All” program

“Training for All” program aims to enhance and further develop the capacities of Syria Electricity sector to deliver essential services to affected local communities and to support the re-habitation of productive infrastructures. In its second phase, the program gives special attention to enhancing technical and planning at local and national level.