Training course on Energy Efficiency Applications and Programs

Results of the recently conducted survey on Capacity development identified some knowledge and skill gaps in key areas related to Energy Efficiency basis and assessment. This includes energy data collection, analysis, statistics and balance, energy indicators, existing program and applications and and monitoring evaluation.

So in attempt to overcome these identified skills and knowledge gaps, RCREEE organized a training course on EE applications and programs. The three day training course was held in Tunisia from 16-18 April 2014.

The course tackled many topics. It covered the basic concepts related to energy balance and indicators. The course presented Energy Efficiency Programs and monitoring tools adopted on a regional level among different sectors. The course wasalso an opportunity to share the leading Tunisian experience in the field of Energy efficiency.

This course came within RCREEE capacity development activities aiming to enhance and raise the caliber of the Arab regional experts to ensure a successful implementation and improvement on energy efficiency programs.