Tunisia relaunches PROSOL Residential Program and Large Scale Diffusion of SWH

The National Agency of Energy Management (ANME) and GIZ in Tunisia organized “Relaunch of PROSOL Residential Program and Large Scale Diffusion of SWH in Tunisia” workshop on 20 April in Sousse, Tunisia.

Within the framework of RCREEE alliance and cooperation with national institutions, RCREEE represented by the senior technical expert Eng. Rim Boukhchina participated as speaker in the Expert Workshop.

RCREEE presentation focused on the regional experience of SWH as well as the analysis of main barriers reducing the sector deployment in the Arab region. Eng. Rim Boukhchina presented recommendations and actions needed to promote and boost the solar sector.   

The event gathered key actors of solar thermal sector to present new sector reforms, discuss challenges and barriers hindering SWH deployment in Tunisia, boost further cooperation and collaboration between main stakeholders. It also aimed to further promote the use of solar heaters in the residential sector while ensuring the high quality and the sustainability of the sector.

More than 85 experts attended the event and participated in the discussion representing ANME, national experts, STEG, industrial sectors, SWH providers, installers, academic and universities, regional organizations.


About SWH deployment in Tunisia and PROSOL Program:

The PROSOL program was launched in 2005 and accordingly several regulatory and financial incentives was adopted mainly in 2007 and 2009 to promote SWH in Tunisia.  These measures had a very positive impact where achievement exceeded the targets mainly in 2010 with the implementation of more than 80000 square meters. In 2010 the share of national industry contribution was 90% and the employment impact was the creation of more than 5000 direct and indirect green jobs.

However, during the last five years, the project achievement has regressed with about 15% compared to the annual target and the annual average of installed surface was 65,000 m2 compared to the annual target of 80,000 m2. To overcome this critical situation, new reforms are under consideration and national consultation workshops and committees were implemented in order to reach the objectives fixed within the framework of the Tunisian National Energy Strategy that aims to install 1.3 Million m2 in 2020 and 2.4 million m2 in 2030.  ANME represented by Ms Souad Abrougui (Residential PROSOL Project Manager) are leading the project management and the current reforms.