RCREEE organizes a scoping mission to Tunisia on appliances' energy efficiency

In an attempt to shed the light on the evolving importance of the appliances' share of the total energy consumption, RCREEE organized a three-day mission to Tunisia. The mission took place under meetMED activities from 10-12 April 2019.

RCREEE team met a number of stakeholders to support filling in the gaps identified during desk research and literature review building upon Tunisia pioneering experience in energy efficiency. The mission will help strengthen the background research for some meetMED activities that tackle the impact of EE mechanisms on the local economy- in terms of local economic growth and job creation- in the Southern Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs). In addition, it will strengthen the research on electricity consumption of household appliances – particularly of air conditioning systems, which entail a continuously growing share of total energy consumed.

With the ultimate support of Ministry of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energies in Tunisia, namely our Executive Committee Member and the Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Eng.Abdelhamid Khalafallah, RCREEE met with key Tunisian stakeholders, among others, from the National Energy Observatory,  the General Directorate of Electricity and Renewable Energy.  Also, meetings took place with representatives from the General Directorate of Manufacturing industries, the National Agency for Energy Conservation, Alcor, the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas, the National Institute of Statistics, the Ministry of Trade, the Tunisian Consumer Protection Organisation, the Technical Center for Mechanical and Electrical Industries, Ecoser and the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property.

Eng. Sara Elhaj, RCREEE Senior Sustainable Energy Expert led the mission with Ms. Rana El-Guindy, Senior Specialist- Energy Economist, and Eng. Akram Al Mohammadi, Sustainable Energy Specialist.