RCREEE participates in Tunis workshop on the subject of creating a new MENA research institute for renewable energy

The creation of a Desertec Institute for socio-economic studies of renewable energies (DISEM) has been the subject of the workshop held in Tunisia, 3-4 September, under the auspices of the Desertec University Network in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Services and the Wuppertal Institute. Representatives from various Arab universities and research centers in the South Med partner countries participated in sharing views and needs for the creation of DISEM. Dr. Tareq Emtairah, RCREEE executive director, presented the experience from the establishment of RCREEE as a regional center concerned also with social & economic analysis and policy advice for governments of the region. Dr. Emtairah further highlighted the need for more research capacity in the region and emphasized the need for better coordination with existing initiatives to maximize the synergies and pool of resources in relation to policy oriented research in the field of sustainable energy.