Syria chairs RCREEE Board of Trustees in 2019

17 February 2019- Cairo, Egypt: Syria assumed the presidency of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Board of Trustees (BoT) during the 17th Board of Trustees meeting held in Cairo, Egypt. The BoT presidency is transferred from Dr. Hamid El Sherwali Chairperson of the Board of Directors Renewable Energy Authority of #Libya (#REAoL) to Dr. Younis Ali General Director Deputy of the National Energy Research Center (NERC).

During the meeting, RCREEE executive director, Mr. Ahmed Badr thanked Dr. Sherwali for his sincere efforts, support and leadership in the past year. He also confimed that RCREEE is looking forward to the continued support and fruitful cooperation under the new leadership of Syria.

Besides, RCREEE bided farewell to Mr. Hassan Amin, Acwa power’s Country Development Director and Mr. Waseem Al Azeh, Khatib & Alami’s Head of Global Sustainability Sector after the end of their term as RCREEE Executive Committee private sector representatives. RCREEE extends its appreciation to Mr. Amin and Mr. Al Ezza for their amazing support and remarkable inputs that contributed much to achieving RCREEE’s mission and enriching the Arab-Arab cooperation in sustainable energy fields.

RCREEE 16 member states representative along with RCREEE executive committee members and the Secretariat attended the meeting where 2019 workplan was presented and approved.

About RCREEE Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BoT) consists of governmental representatives from RCREEE member states (17), and is responsible, among others, for the strategic direction of the Center, the annual work plans and the financial performance of the Center.  

The Presidency of RCREEE BoT is transferred alternately every year among RCREEE member states according to their Arabic alphabetical order. The presidency of RCREEE BoT was assumed since its establishment by Egypt in 2009. Then Jordan assumed the presidency in 2010, followed by Tunisia in 2011, Algeria in 2012, Bahrain in 2013, Sudan in 2014, Iraq in 2015, and Palestine in 2016. In 2017, Lebanon claimed BoT presidency followed by Libya in 2018.