Catalyzing the Use of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Iraq

In light of Iraq’s great solar potential, RCREEE and UNDP have joined forces to support the Iraq efforts in energy transition and climate change mitigation through an agreement on the implementation of “Catalyzing the use of solar photovoltaic energy in Iraq” project.

Solar PV is considered as the most suitable solution to guarantee grid security and stability and to overcome energy challenges in Iraq. The project focus on promoting PV as an opportunity to create new energy market and to promote the integration of private sector in the solar power field.

The agreement, originally signed in 2017 and extended in 2019, allowed RCREEE to undertake a number of activities covering: 

  • Development of regulations and laws allowing generation and sale of power by IPPs.
  • Development and implementation of a grid code for distribution and transmission (for small-scale distributed generation and larger utility-scale generation).
  • Designing a process for IPPs and programs to support local implementation
  • Implementation of phased fiscal incentives for PV uptake
  • Designing a tailored feed-in tariff for renewable energy IPPs
  • Evaluation of net-metering options for industrial and residential applications.
  • Supporting the implementation of the feed-in tariff and/or net-metering scheme.
  • Mapping Iraq Solar market key stakeholders
  • Development of training materials and academic and vocational certification schemes in conjunction with national institutions for modular solar energy training courses.
  • Launching tailored awareness and knowledge programs on legal frameworks, potential opportunities for small- and large-scale installations.
  • Removing barriers to direct private-sector engagement in the solar power industry

Main Outcomes

  • Produce around 20 detailed studies and reports
  • Produce 2 Excel tools for Net metering and FIT design with model user guides.
  • Develop of Solar Atlas Map Atlas zoning maps
  • Analyze Solar PV Market place which available via a dedicated website (
  • Organize three ToT training courses
  • Organize five regional and national workshops with key energy sector actors in Iraq

Project Phase

Work Area