Energy Efficiency Indicators in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries

RCREEE, in partnership with the Plan Bleu and MED-ENEC took the initiative in January, 2011 to study energy efficiency indicators for 10 Arab countries in South and East Mediterranean region covering Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia, and Yemen. The project aims to provide tools to the decision makers to design, monitor, and assess national energy efficiency policies in their countries. Based on ODYSSEE methodology, the project offers a consistent baseline for country-level data generation process for benchmarking on the regional level. Furthermore, it works on building national experts’ capacities in collecting data, calculating energy efficiency indicators, and analyzing policies.

RCREEE’s focal points and national experts successfully collected energy data on both macro and sectorial levels and analyzed countries’ trends from 2003 till 2009. The results include regional and national reports. 

Key Results

  • 10 National reports

  • 1 Regional report

  • 4 Regional workshops

  • 1 Regional seminar

  • 74 performance indicators tracked

Project Phase

Work Area