Mediterranean Investment Facility-Egypt (MIF)

The Mediterranean Investment Facility (MIF) is a joint initiative under UN Environment Programme and the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea (IMELS) with the support of Politecnico di Milano – Department of Energy (PoliMi) aiming to develop an effective, sustainable renewable energy market system in the greater Mediterranean region and to provide supporting financial tools.

In cooperation with the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) and the Egyptian Ministry of Housing (MoH), MIF is launched in Egypt to scale up clean energy technologies and incentives in the Egyptian market. The project focuses mainly on:

  • Development of a voluntary ordinance on the reduction of building energy needs through the analysis of the existing building stock and a best available technologies market study. The ordinance will then be tested through one demonstration project on a public building, and technical support will be provided for private sector buildings.
  • Development of a financial mechanism to support the enforcement of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures for the reduction of building cooling needs, in partnership with local commercial banks.

As the national coordinator, RCREEE works in close coordination with the project teams leading the day-to-day project’s management at national level.

Main outcomes:

  • Development of draft ordinance
  • Selection of pilot project in Hurghada
  • Organization of Kick off workshop with all relevant stakeholders
  • Selection of private residential building
  • First round of consultation meetings with relevant stakeholders
  • Development of the compliance tool (Alpha version)

Project Phase

Work Area