Mitigation enabling energy transition in the Mediterranean region (meetMED)

RCREEE together with the Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Conservation (MEDENER) were awarded a grant contract with the European Commission, DG Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) for meetMED project.

The Mitigation Enabling Energy Transition in the Mediterranean region (meetMED) project is a two-years EU-funded project to support regional cooperation and build technical capacity for energy transition in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) countries. Its main goal is to foster energy transition in the SEM countries, by enhancing the share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency (EE) in their energy mix.

Within the framework of meetMED, RCREEE has led/ co-led a number of activities under the following work areas:

  • Assessing and supporting the development and implementation of EE and RES policies and strategies and the approximation of EE and RES legislative and regulatory framework in the Mediterranean region
  • Reinforcing public awareness and capacity building of local stakeholders on EE and RES
  • Ensuring positive impact on the local economy, in terms of local economic growth and job creation in SEMCs countries, engaging private sector to support market up-take in the EE and RES sectors
  • Support UfM REEE Platform by contributing to the relevant topics aimed at the progressive realization of the Energy Transition in the Mediterranean region

Main outcomes:

  • RCREEE organized/co-organized more than 10 workshops and training courses in addition to exchange missions
  • RCREEE contributed to establishing a regional network of experts that included 63 experts in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency from SEMCs
  • RCREEE supported production of more than 12 reports (regional and country based)
  • Launching and organizing two sessions of the "High-Level Policy Dialogue for Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean Region " (MED-HLPD)

Project Phase

Work Area

This report was developed under meetMED project activities.The proposal collects the results of questionnaires, interviews and desk...
Apr 2020 Reports and Studies English
This report was developed under meetMED project activities. The report analyses the important role of product standardization &...
Apr 2020 Reports and Studies English
Panelists and Speakers of the first edition of the HLPD held in Vienna in 2018.
Oct 2018 Presentation English