Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI)

The Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI) is the first Arab certification scheme for solar thermal products and services in the Arab region. The project provides a regional industrial and regulatory compliance framework for policy makers, industrial sector, and end-consumers. Inspired by the Solar Keymark, SHAMCI is built around specific characteristics and needs of Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa. The project promotes adopting standard quality measures, accreditation systems and quality labels across the Arab region.

SHAMCI was initiated by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy with the support of the Arabian Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) based on the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity (AMEC) of the League of Arab States request.

Today, RCREEE analyzes regional needs, invites international and regional field experts, and communicates with different stakeholders including policy makers, industrial sector, and end-consumers to ensure SHAMCI adoption on a national level. RCREEE also conducts various workshops and capacity development activities, develops project documentations, and publishes communication and awareness tools. .

Solar water heaters manufacturer & suppliers in the Arab region can apply to obtain SHAMCI certificate. For more details please visit:

Main Outcomes:

  • Improving and expanding SWH markets through offering better quality standards and consumer confidence
  • Integrating national SWH markets in the regional market via adopting common standards
  • Signing an MOU with EOS granting EOS the right to award the “SHAMCI” quality certification for solar thermal products in Egypt
  • Adopting SHAMCI mark and certificate for solar thermal products in Jordan

Project Phase

Work Area

This study aims at answering "How prepared is the solar water heater industry in Egypt to meet the requirements by SHAMCI and, thus,...
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Aug 2014 Models & Guides English
Flyer for the Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI). SHAMCI is quality certification scheme for the solar thermal...
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