TaqaWay™  sustainable energy knowledge portal is a joint collaborative initiative between the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE).

TaqaWay™  is an information portal for the Arab region. It streamlines renewable energy and energy efficiency data combining visual statistics, and information on Arab countries’ market capabilities, institutions, projects, stakeholders, and policies on a single online portal. In addition, it provides tools for data analysis and benchmarking Arab countries’ readiness and market capabilities in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Some features and contents of TaqaWay™  have been developed with additional kind support of UN-ESCWA and UNEP.

TaqaWay™  helps policy makers, non-governmental institutions, investors, academia, experts, and researchers to find reliable, accurate and updated information on sustainable energy in the Arab region. Besides, it offers a platform for experts to discuss latest sustainable energy topics and an e-learning platform with a number of online courses.

All data is free and accessible to the public within an interactive and high-quality end-user experience.

TaqaWay beta version was launched on the 5th World Statistics Day. You can visit TaqaWay™  portal through this link: www.taqaway.net

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