Models for Land Use Agreement and Power Purchase Agreement

RCREEE noticed a lack of proper renewable energy projects tendering processes and policies in the region. This project offers model guidelines for Land Use Agreements (LUA), and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for creating large-scale renewable energy projects tendering documents. This enhances the private sector engagement in the region through facilitating tendering processes. The models also assist member states to draft agreements focusing on the important elements to be considered. Adopting a unified framework for tendering processes facilitates vendor evaluation, saves time and costs incurred by governments and vendors.

The models are designed with a flexibility for different member states to embed their particular considerations, legal context, local laws and tax obligations. This facilitates the adoption and ensures achieving each state’s own strategic objectives and guarantees the protection of legal interests.  The models also cover different aspects of tendering including site evaluation and restoration, long-term lease, completion conditions, and reliability standards. The two models are supported with user guidelines documents to facilitate adoption.

Key Results

  • Two member states (Yemen and Sudan) asked for the model templates
  • Reducing time and cost of renewable energy projects tendering process
  • Unifying institutional tendering standards

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