Located in Cairo, the Secretariat's role is to implement the center's strategic and annual work plans. It also maintains communication and interaction with relevant agencies and public institutions in member states and coordinate join actions with cooperation partners. The Secretariat represents the center in all legal and commercial transactions...

Executive Office:

HR Section Head

Senior IT Specialist

Office Manager

Senior Graphic Designer

Technical Department

Technical Director

Senior Renewable Energy Specialist

Senior Sustainable Energy Specialist

Sustainable Energy Policies Expert

Senior Sustainable Energy Specialist

Technical Department Business Development &Planning Department

Head of Environment and Climate Change Unit

Senior Environmental Specialist

Planning & Business Development Specialist

Sustainable Energy and Environment Expert

Expert, Energy Management

Active Turbine Management Program (ATMP) Technical Analyst

Sarah Al Akbari

Phone: +202 241 54755

Project Coordinator

Renewable Energy and Environment Specialist

Renewable Energy and Environmental Specialist

Mohamed Sherwali

Phone: +202 241 54755

Finance & Administration Department

Head, Financial Controls

Senior Procurement and Contract Management Specialist

Financial Accountant

Administrative Coordinator

GEFF Egypt Team

GEFF project Local Expert

Sustainable energy consultant

Project Assistant