RCREEE is governed by a Board of Trustees (BoT) which is responsible for setting the center’s strategic direction, annual work plans, and evaluating financial performance. The Board consists of governmental representatives from member states.

Board of Trustees Members

Eng. Mohamed Yarguett (Chairman)
Technical advisor in charge of electricity
Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines
Algeria flag Eng. Noureddine Yassaa
Governor for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Conservation for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (CEREFE)
bahrain.png Eng. Nasser Al Rowaili
Chief Executive Officer Advisor
Electricity and Water Authority
Eng. Abass Aden Atteyeh
Advisor of Djiboutian Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
Ministry of Energy in charge of Natural Resources
Egypt Eng. Aly Abdelfattah
First Undersecretary for Minister’s Office Affairs
Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy
Eng. Taha Malek Mansour
Assistant General Manager, Planning and Studies Office
Ministry of Electricity
Jordan flag Eng. Amani Al-Azzam
Secretary General
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Eng. Khalid Ali Ebaid
Department Director
Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy
Lebanon flag Eng. Pierre El Khoury 
President of the Board
Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation (LCEC)
Eng. Nasser Alden Albergly
Member of the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Agency (REAoL)(REAoL) Ministry of Electricity


Morocco flag Eng. Mohamed Ouhmed
Director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development 
Palestine flag Eng. Ayman Ismail
Assistant to the President of the Energy Authority for Technical Affairs
Palestinian Energy & Natural Resources Authority
Eng. Abdelfattah Absher   
Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Water Resources
Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
sudan.png Eng. Yasir Abdallah 
Renewable Energy Director General
Sudan Electricity Holding Co.
Ministry of Energy and Oil
Libya flag Eng. Adham Belan
Chairman of Board of Directors
Ministry of Electricity
tun.png Eng. Belhassen Chiboub 
General Manager of Electricity and Energy Transition
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines
Yemen flag Dr. Mohamed Al Shaabi 
Director of Renewable Energy
Ministry of Electricity and Energy


The Executive Committee consists of five members from the governmental and private sectors. Its role is to oversee the implementation of the strategic direction approved by the BoT, oversee and advise the Secretariat to fulfill the center’s objectives.

Executive Committee Members

Egypt flag Eng. Maha Mostafa (Chairwoman)
Undersecretary of state for Research, Planning and International Cooperation.
Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.
Lebanon flag Dr. Naguib Hassan Dandachi
Chief Executive Officer at Al Usul, UAE
Lebanon flag Dr. Younes Ali
General Director.
National Energy Research Center (NERC) Syria.
Libya flag Dr. Wassim Benhassine
Director of Studies, Prime Minister’s Office
Egypt flag Eng. Faisal Eissa
General Manager at Lekela Power