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حول برنامج خبير معتمد في إدارة الطاقة

The Pan Arab Certified Energy Management Professionals program (PA-CEMP) is an in-depth professional certification program for Energy Mangers tailored for the Arab region. RCREEE in collaboration with League of Arab States Energy department saw the need to introduce the PA-CEMP program. The Executive Bureau of the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity endorsed the program during their 32th session on May 31, 2016.

PA-CEMP aims to assist EE policy makers and program administrators in planning and implementing Energy Efficiency programs and measures in the Arab region. Through a recognized certificate, energy management professionals will be equipped with the latest technologies, energy essentials and the effective means with solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost effective approach and achieve energy targets in line with the Arab EE Guideline. In addition, the program will support boosting job creation in the Arab region by reducing energy imports and delivering cost effectively measures.

PA-CEMP is designed for a wide target audience. It will enable all its participates which varies in their educational levels, years of experience and background will enabled all to create a commercially viable Energy Concept. This helps organizations to directly apply what the participants learnt in the program and to use energy efficiently and save money. The technical content will be first issued in English.

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