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Arab Future Energy Index™ (AFEX)

The Arab Future Energy Index (AFEX) is a policy assessment and benchmark tool that provides a detailed comparison of renewable energy and energy efficiency development in the Arab region on more than 30 different indicators. Despite ongoing turbulence in the region, these countries have continued to make progress toward creating better conditions for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Since the first edition of AFEX in September 2013, many countries in the region have made progress towards creating better conditions for the uptake of sustainable energy investments. AFEX report is issued annually tackling renewable energy and energy efficiency development in the region on rotational basis.

AFEX Energy Efficency 2017 report key findings include:

  •  55% of the regional counties have scorings higher than 50% in energy efficiency performance compared to 35% in the 2015 report
  • The region witnessed an unprecedented wave of energy subsidy reforms
  • Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the UAE, and Yemen have enacted policies to reduce electricity subsidies and adjust fuel prices
  • 15 out of 20 Arab states have developed national energy efficiency action plans, while others are preparing their first NEEAPs
  • Lebanon in particular has been successful in leveraging private funds for financing energy efficiency projects through its funding mechanism “National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action”.

Download AFEX 2017 Energy Efficiency.pdf 

AFEX 2019 Renewable Energy Key Findings :

  • By the end of 2018, the total installed capacity in Arab countries of new renewables (excluding hydro) surpassed 7 GW, more than double the capacity recorded two years ago.
  • PV capacities have exceeded wind capacities in the Arab Region (3.2 GW versus around 3 GW).
  • Seven Arab countries (Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Jordan and Algeria) possess 90% of the current RE capacities in the region.
  • By the end of 2018, 8 Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and UAE ) were the only countries in which private actors practically owned and operated utility scale renewable energy power plants.
  • The total accumulative investments in renewable energy projects over the past decade (excluding hydro) are estimated at around USD 15 billion.

Download AFEX 2019 Renewable Energy.pdf