Every day we are reminded of the importance of securing clean and stable energy sources for the future of our nations.  The Arab region is blessed with one of the highest potentials for renewable energies among the world countries. Over the past decades, RCREEE team has been honored with the chance to contribute to and witness the region’s major leap in adopting renewable energies and energy efficiency policies, solutions, and technologies. 

RCREEE has long fostered deepening Arab-Arab cooperation in all sustainable energy fields. I believe that this regional cooperation offers the most solid ground for Arab countries to reach sustainable development goals and in particular SDG7.

As RCREEE new Executive Director, I would like to thank all our member states for their trust and the great opportunity they offered us to be part of their energy transition journey. Also, I would like to thank all our national, regional, and international partners for their long and strategic cooperation in initiating and leading clean energy policy dialogues, strategies, and programs to increase our region’s share of green energy solutions.  

As we are starting a new chapter, I want to emphasize that we will sustain this cooperation model and take it to another level while engaging all sustainable energy market stakeholders. We will continue channeling our efforts to encourage investments in renwable enregies and energy efficiency sectors in the Arab region, promote further innovative financial mechanisms for sustainable energy projects such as PPPs. Finally, we will pay a special attention to the socio-economic and environmental dimensions of energy projects in the region and we will support our memberstates in this area as well.

At RCREEE we will continue leading a regional energy knowledge hub and playing the role of the main strategic partner for Arab countries in ensuring their energy security, achieving their energy transition targets, and leading to a better life for all our people. This is the core of our renewed mission.