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Mauritania is mostly reliant on fossil fuels to meet its domestic energy demand. Fossil fuels account for about 66% of primary energy consumption, while the remaining 34% come from biomass, which is mostly used for cooking and heating. Electricity is mainly  generated through thermal diesel engine generators. Due to increasing domestic energy demand and insufficient installed power capacity, total energy consumption exceeds national energy production by about 35%, resulting mostly in importation of fossil fuels. The  country is seeking to meet its growing energy demand with fewer fuel imports by integrating renewable energy as a source of power. By 2015 and 2020, Mauritania aims to achieve 15% and 20% respectively of primary energy consumption to come from renewable   energy, excluding biomass.

Mauritania is a RCREEE member state since 2014.

We are honored to present RCREEE representatives in Mauritania as follows

Board of Trustees MemberFocal Point
Eng. Mohamed YARGUETT
Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines
Mr. Jemal Ahmed Mahmoud
Electrical Engineer, Energy and Electricity control Unit
Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energies