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RCREEE participates at “Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy”

With limited and depleting natural sources, desalination can supplement some of the critically lacking amounts of water needed for sustainable development. The “Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy” conference is scheduled to take place on 20-23 June 2022 in Las Palmas, Spain.

This conference is devoted to advances towards providing fresh water for all, at affordable cost and at economical energy requirements. It will overview the most recent developments in desalination technology, its cost and extent of application, including socio-economic and environmental issues.

RCREEE Executive Director, Dr. Jauad El Kharraz is among the experts of the organizing and scientific committee.

The conference brings together research scientists, decision makers, managers, design engineers and operators from water companies, industries, government departments, consulting firms, research institutes and universities.

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