SHAMCI is natively-built to benefit solar thermal products and services consumers, manufacturers and authoritiesin the Arab region. SHAMCI labeled products combine internationalstandards with regional specific characteristics assuring products high quality, safety, reliability, durability and high performance.

Adopting SHAMCI helps authorities to:

  • Improve customer confidence

  • Facilitate trade barriers and regional collaboration

  • Streamline compliance monitoring

  • Create jobs

  • Promote industrial quality standards compliance.

Adopting SHAMCI helps solar thermal product manufacturers to:

  • Offer high quality products at reasonable costs

  • Improve visibility to SWH customers

  • Achieve operational economies of scale

  • Simplify test procedures at lower costs.

  • Develop new markets and create export opportunities

Adopting SHAMCI helps solar thermal product consumers to:

  • Identify high-quality products easily

  • Assure safety, durability, and reliability

  • Compareseller prices through standard product features