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92% of Sudan’s primary energy consumption is from fossil fuels, with 8% accounting for hydro. Yet, current installed capacity is for 60% from hydropower. The country is making efforts to further integrate other renewable energy resources, and aims to have 50% of electricity generation come from renewable energy by 2031, excluding hydro. Sudan also adopted a NEEAP in 2013 and has set cumulative energy efficiency targets of 11,8%, aiming at 32% by 2020.

Sudan is a RCREEE member state since 2008.

We are honored to present RCREEE representatives in Sudan as follows

Board of Trustees MemberFocal Point
Eng. Yasir Abdallah
Renewable Energy Director General
Sudanese Hydro Generation and Renewable Energy Company
Ministry of Energy and Mining
Mr. Abdelhafiz Fadlalla Babikir
Cost Division Manager
Electricity Regulatory Authority ERA
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