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Active Turbine Management Program/ Our team on-site

The technical committee of the Active Turbine Management Program #ATMP is conducting from the 17th to the 20th of May 2023, its technical site visits to the wind energy investments at Gulf of Suez: Ras Ghareb Wind Energy, Lekela Power and ACWA Power.

The committee composed of the representatives of the RCREEE, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company #EETC, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency #EEAA, and the New and Renewable Energy Authority #NREA aims through this mission to inspect the bird monitoring and to shutdown-on-demand the activities simultaneously with the last days of Spring season 2023🦅.

Initiated by the RCREEE in 2015, the ATMP is the Program that mitigates the environmental and the biodiversity risks while harnessing the benefits of wind energy potential in Egypt.

The Program determines the optimum wind turbines operations periods during the heavy bird migratory seasons at the Gulf of Suez as it falls into one of the heaviest bird migration routes of autumn and spring seasons (Rift Valley / Red Sea flyway ).