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COOL-ME Project: Scaling-up sustainable cooling in the Middle East

With energy demand increasing 50% by 2035, rapidly growing populations and urbanization, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries face a range of energy challenges against the visible effects of climate change.

In the region, cooling constitutes a major source of energy consumption — typically more than 50% in air conditioning (AC)-equipped households — and its importance is expected to grow further.

RCREEE is addressing the increasing direct and indirect emissions from cooling in the MENA region through a consortium led by NAVIGANT.

The COOL-ME program promotes accelerated technological change in cooling demand reduction, and early implementation of the Kigali Amendment and Paris Agreement. The program activities will be carried out in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Under this project, RCREEE is the lead responsible for developing and communicating the regional vision.

Project Phase

Work Area

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