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RCREEE joins technical visit on monitoring programs of soaring and migratory birds in Gulf of Suez

October 9, 2021: Under Active Turbine Management Program (ATMP) activities, RCREEE and a technical committee from Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) & Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) conducted a technical visit to a number of wind farms in Gulf of Suez.

ATMP is a pioneer program initiated in 2015 to determine the optimum wind turbines operations periods during the heavy bird migratory seasons. The project is launched in Egypt as the Gulf of Suez falls into one of the heaviest bird migration routes of autumn and spring seasons (Rift Valley / Red Sea flyway)

It’s is divided into 3 main sub-programs; the Bird Monitoring Program, the Shutdown on Demand Program and the Fatality Monitoring Program that are pertinent for all Wind Power Plant Private Investments in the Gulf of Suez region.

On their visit last week, the committee followed up on the monitoring programs of soaring and migratory birds across the Rift Valley in Autumn 2021.

Today, ATMP manages 2012.5 MW cumulative capacity of wind power plants in Gulf of Suez, Egypt. RCREEE has succeeded in signing cost-sharing agreements with 14 international wind developers for financing the environmental studies in GoS. Besides, during the 20 years, the ATMP will be updated and designed based on prosperous zoning and mapping of the spatial-temporal bird migration route.

More about ATMP:

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