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Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) became an AFSEC Affiliate Member.


It is a great success for AFSEC to add to its Affiliate members the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), and this gives me the chance to appraise the cooperation between African countries for the welfare of their Continent Population.

Keeping in mind that All AFSEC Members represented by their National Committees who attended a hybrid meeting for the 8th General Assembly (26-27 July 2022) voted for RCREEE to Join AFSEC as an Affiliate member.

Starting from August 2022 you can enjoy using our publications and your representatives are encouraged to join AFSEC Technical committees, and you are most welcome to contact AFSEC Secretariat any time for any further information related to AFSEC activities. Please visit AFSEC Website