Capacity Building in the Field of Wind Energy

Based on the needs its member states for developing wind energy and its optimal use, RCREEE, the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, in collaboration with the NREA, The National Authority for New and Renewable Energy in Egypt, organized a regional training workshop on phases pertaining to Capacity Building in the Field of Wind Energy. The workshop was held in Cairo, Egypt during the period from 6 to 15 December, 2009.

The workshop topics revolved around the principles and basics for selecting locations, designing farms and financial feasibility, while illustrating examples of a number of achievements in the member states.

Documents & Presentations 

Day 1 ( Sunday, December 7, 2009)

Day 2 ( Monday; December 8,2009) 

Day 2; Countries Presentations

Day 3 (Tuesday  December 8, 2009)

Day 5 (Thursday 10 December)