Launch of Energy Efficiency Indicators in RCREEE Member States Project

RCREEE has launched in partnership with Plan Bleu a project on Energy Efficiency indicators. The Kick-off Workshop was organized during 6 -7 January 2011 in Tunisia.

The objective of this project is to implement a set of indicators to be used to monitor and assess the energy efficiency policies in RCREEE member states (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen).

Therefore, the RCREEE member states need to develop and implement some measures in different sectors with high energy consumption and assess the results expected. The monitoring and the evaluation of the results will help the decision makers to understand the trends observed and to analyze the factors that are behind the energy situation.

The monitoring and the assessment of the energy efficiency measures need the methodology of energy efficiency indicators. This methodology will also serve to evaluate and update the NEEAP in regard of energy efficiency achievements and energy efficiency actions to be planned in the framework of Arab EE directives prepared by the League of Arab States and approved in November 2010 by the Arab Ministerial Council for electricity.

Around thirty participants attended the workshop, representing 10 countries involved in this project as well as the associated organizations, such as MEDENEC project MEDENER, the French Agency AFD in Tunisia and ANME.