Tunisian Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines discusses cooperation opportunities with RCREEE

On December 6, A delegation from RCREEE led by Ahmed Badr, RCREEE Executive Director, met with H.E. Khaled Kaddour, Tunisian Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines to discuss RCREEE role in the region and future cooperation opportunities with Tunisia. During the meeting, Ahmed Badr and H.E Khaled Kaddour discussed the latest global and regional developments in renewable energy and energy efficiency and explored means to continue RCREEE support to the Ministry.

RCREEE delegation also met with Mr. Hamdi Harrouch, director of the Agence Nationale de Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME). During the meeting, Mr. Ahmed Badr and Mr. Hamdi Harrouch agreed to join forces in the future to support the Tunisian efforts in accessing the green climate fund and benefit the Tunisian economy and accessing the climate fund.

In addition, RCREEE mission to Tunis included a number of meeting with Mr. Munir Bahri the director of Technical Center for Building Materials, Ceramics and Glass (CTMCCV), and Ms. Amel Ben Farhat  Director of Institut national de la normalisation et de la propriété industrielle (INNORPI) which aimed to discuss The Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI).