RCREEE and RaSeed (GIZ) co-organizes a 4-day Intensive Solar Pumping Training

May 24, 2015 – RCREEE in coordination with RaSeed (GIZ) organized a 4-day intensive solar pumping training for solar energy (PV) engineers at the Greek Campus in Downtown

The training covered the basics of Photovoltaic pumping systems for irrigation. The course covered various topics including pump characteristics, irrigation systems as well as commercial solar hybrid systems for irrigation purposes. 

After the 3 day training, a field trip to a farm in Saqqara was organized where attendees inspected various solar systems for irrigation (Battery backed system, submersible pumps, surface pumps, tracking system). Notably, the trainer was Eng Mohamed Fadly, the co-founder and CTO of KarmSolar, an Egyptian solar company specialized in solar pumping

In total 30 participants attended the course. The attendees included engineers working in the field of solar energy in addition to irrigation experts of large export farms that have already installed a solar system for irrigation.

The course materials (solar manual "Solar Pump Systems in Egypt - Practical Guidelines for Self-Assessment" published by RaSeed (GIZ) can be also downloaded on www.raseed-giz.com.