Possible Solutions and Pathways for Sustainable Development in Sudan

September 11, 2019- Khartoum, Sudan: During the course of its country mission to Sudan, RCREEE in collaboration with the Sudanese Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation & Electricity (MWRIE) and UNDP organized a five days’ workshop within the framework of Sudan Wind Energy Project.

The workshop aimed mainly to promote Utility Scale Power Generation from Renewable Energies with a special focus on Wind Energy. Representatives from publiced and private institutions joined the workshop including the Electricity Regulatory Authority, National Investment Authority, UNDP Sudan, as well as Hydropower and Renewable Energy Company.

Representatives discussed with RCREEE’s experts the updates on the Long term Renewable Energy Master Plan, the developed RE Secondary Legislation for catalyzing the private sector participation as well as the establishment of One-Stop Shop for RE investors and Developers.


The workshop agenda and discussions focused on best-fit customized solutions based on regional and international experiences related to renewable energy long-term planning, policies and legal frameworks development as well as RE OSS establishment.

Beside, RCREEE also organized a workshop to investigate the possible ways of supporting the sustainable energy development in Sudan in coordination with ImpactHubKhartoum  and MWRIE.

The workshop highlighted the required mitigation measures to the existing regulatory, financial and technical barriers in Sudan through the promotion of RE and EE technologies.

Also it was an appropriate opportunity for different stakeholders to share their visions regarding the upcoming steps toward a sustainable development in the country.