RCREEE Discussed the Renewable Energy Governance in the Arab Region

On 23 April 2015, RCREEE participated in the International Conference “Arab Governance Energy Forum” in Lebanon.

Dr. Maged Mahmoud, Head of Projects and Technical Affairs at RCREEE was a keynote speaker in the roundtable discussion: “Renewable Energies towards a Green Future”. Dr. Mahmoud presented: "Renewable Energy Governance in the Arab Region: Facing the Challenges".

Dr. Mahmoud presented how various stakeholders in the Arab Region interact and make decisions regarding renewable energy as a “collective issue / purposeful activity”, thus creating or reinforcing the existing rules, norms, processes and institutions. Also, tracking the efficiency and effectiveness of how these adopted decisions were implemented. Dr. Mahmoud also highlighted the importance of regionally coordinated actions.

In the end, Dr. Mahmoud marked the need to help different actors move away from “ritual” deeply engrained misperceptions and traditional description of the RE sector (price, technology and market realities). He also warned that a not-well-planned RE governance can lead to a slow growth. He also pointed that there are many opportunities for improving the RE governance without inflating the institutional structure.

‘While EU, the Arab RE strategy, Framework and NREAPs are not binding, regionally coordinated actions proved to be useful” said Dr. Mahmoud. On top on that, RCREEE will continue to probe deeper and provide honest, fresh and thorough look on Arab RE governance and market competitiveness.

The conference was organized by the Arab Society of Faculties of Business, Economic & Political Sciences (BEPS) and the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK).